ArtLot: 4pm Tuesday, December 27 ... 3pm Sunday January 1

Playwright Susannah Finzi talks about an unusual comedy double she is producing in Gloucester on January 6, in this week's Art Lot Slot.

And I must confess an interest here ... I am co-producing it with her!

‘Unusual’ as it very much explores the playwright’s craft: Susannah's play, called 'Cuts', is a performed reading with a Q&A session afterwards. Its theme is the Government's financial cutbacks in this recession-mad world.

And my play actually invites the audience to be playwright: I've written the skeleton of it which will be acted out by three actors, and about 10 minutes into the play the action will stop and we will invite the audience to say what-next.

Called Take Me to Paradise, it's a comedy about parental assumptions in an only-child suburban family. On the night, anything, literally anything and everything, could happen next ... the audience is in the writer's seat!

But ... but ... but! This Art Lot is more than just a bare-faced plug for January 6 -- Susannah talks about her fascination with the often unnoticed power-behind-the throne in so many world-changing events, and how this fascination led her into script writing.

However ... however ... however! Now does come a bare-faced plug for January 6: the evening is called 'Two Writers, Two Comedies and You!'

It's at the wonderful King's Theatre, in Kings Barton Street, in Gloucester, at 7.30 on January 6. Tickets in advance are only £5 and can be had by phoning me, Swithin Fry, on (01452) 813274; or e-mailing me on On the door, tickets are £6.50 ... all concessions £5.

I've attached a short, two-minute audio-promo to help you make up your mind! You can see that Susannah and I a very unusual, very exciting, theatrical evening ... really not to be missed!

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